Housing stress and homelessness worse in regional Australia

homelessness in regional australiaA Salvation Army report has found nearly 70 per cent of the charity’s clients are experiencing extreme housing stress, prompting calls for poverty to become a key election issue.

The Salvos have surveyed 1,600 clients, with the results showing that 68 per cent of respondents are using nearly two-thirds of their disposable income on housing, placing them in extreme housing stress.

The charity’s fifth annual Economic and Social Impact Survey identified those in regional areas as being particularly vulnerable.

Salvation Army spokesman Major Bruce Harmer said the problem needed more attention from the country’s politicians.

“We need our politicians at all levels to partner with us so we can improve the lot of so many Australians doing it tough,” he said.

“There’s a big impact on kids, with some 40 per cent saying they’d moved houses three times in 12 months.

“You know what kind of impact that having is on the education of those children?”

The survey also found that 86 per cent of clients went without basic items at times, and only one in five could afford medical treatment or medicine for their children.

Major Harmer said the results were disheartening.

“To think that kids are going without medication because Mum and Dad simply can’t afford to buy it,” he said. To read more click here.

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Investing In What Works for America’s Communities

Investing In What Works for America’s Communities » Community Development in Rural America: Collaborative, Regional, and Comprehensive.

This is an excellent article and could have been written with many Australian Rural areas in mind… I hope conference delegates find it thought provoking…. Peter Sugg

Planning and Building Awards for Regional Innovation

Australian Regional Innovation Awards aim to recognise and showcase individuals and organisations that are achieving innovation in regional and rural Australia

Planning and Building Award for Regional Innovation

Who can apply

Representatives from all types of organisations active in regional development across Australia, including councils, shires, rural and regional organisations, NGO’s and government agencies that aim to better serve their communities.


The Award Presentation Ceremony is held in conjunction Regional Development Australia Conference Dinner on October 15th at the Commercial Club Albury.

Important Dates

Nominations open: Thursday 29th August 2013Nominations close: Tuesday 15th July 2014

Award Submission

Click here to submit a nomination, entries can only be accepted via the website.

The online entry:

  • requires you to provide a brief overall description of your project, for use in the Conference Proceedings and other promotional material
  • has a 300-word limit to each criterion
  • requires all selection criteria to be addressed as appropriate to the project; if a criterion is not relevant to the project state ‘not applicable’.

Note: applications and attachments will be printed in black and white only

Planning and Building Awards for Regional Innovation

Selection criteria

Entries for the awards should address the following selection criteria:

Innovation and/or best practice How does your project demonstrate innovation and/or best practice in the way your organisation does business or delivers services to your community?

Process and planning How did you determine what changes were required to improve your business practices and/or better meet your community’s needs (for example, consultation processes, needs analysis, etcetera)?

  • Benefits
  • What are the benefits of the project? Who benefits and how? Innovation
  • How does your project demonstrate innovation or deliver to community in terms of economic and social outcomes?

Community needs How are community needs met by this project

The judging process

Each Award will be judged by the Advisory Committee with judging based on the submitted entry form (entrants do not present). Judging will be based on the material provided by you, within the online entry form.

Meet one of the Judges

Tony McBurney, Director, Integrated Design Group

ARDC Committee-tony mcburneyTony established Integrated Design Group in 1999 after previous experience in both the public and private sectors, including his role as a Senior Architect at HPA / Mirvac and as an Associate at Stanton Dahl Architects.

Tony has a long-standing dedication to the community and housing design, with the goal of bringing the benefits of good architecture to ‘the common man’


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