Community Economic Development: small town revitalisation

Community Economic Development in rural Australia is vital for revitalising small towns. What are the key factors in revitalising rural and small town communities?

Community Engagement
Community Engagement



The following  “ingredients” have been identified by the Centre for Small Town Development :


  • Passionate local people
  • Positive Community Mind-Set
  • A “Can Do” self-reliant spirit
  • A shared community vision of the future
  • A willingness to seek smarter ways, experiment, make changes
  • Opportunity and obsession
  • Recognition of healthy and sustainable community behaviours
  • Local leadership or champions
  • A focus on youth development
  • Promotion of women in leadership roles.
  • Evidence of community pride and confidence
  • Recognition of the importance of local business
  • A practical development agenda
  • A local based focus and structure
  • A clear and unique marketable identity
  • Forging of partnerships with neighbouring communities
  • Local education opportunities
  • Presence of a positive local newspaper
  • A local government council that provides
  • Leadership and vision, and is a “facilitator” rather than “regulator”

The Australian Regional Development Conference theme is “Where to from here?” and will cover the broad areas of regional development: economic; planning; environment and community.

This year’s conference will focus around the following themes: Natural Resource Management; Planning and Building; Social and Recreation; Economic Development; Community Development; Employment; Education and Training; Policy; Infrastructure; Digital and IT and Open Category.

Challenges in revitalising rural and regional communities will be addressed at this conference.

Call for papers – would you like to speak on rural and regional revitalisations and community economic development?

Authors or organisations interested in submitting a paper or presenting a workshop are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words outlining the aims, contents and conclusions of their paper or presentation; or about their intended role in a workshop.

Australian Regional Development Conference

RDA Conference15-16 October 2014, The Commercial Club Albury Secretariat: (T) 61 7 5502 2068 (F) 07 5527 3298 Email: URL:



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