Director of AURIN, Andrew Dingjan to present on ‘Harnessing Data to Support Regional Development’

Andrew Dingjan, Director of AURIN to present at the Australian Regional Development Conference being held at the Commercial Club Albury on the 26– 27 August 2015.

The Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., a non-Government ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

Andrew Dingjan

Andrew Dingjan

Speaker Introduction: Andrew was appointed Director of AURIN in March 2015.

He joined from CSIRO where he worked for 9 years in executive level business, technology commercialisation and research management leadership positions. Having worked across CSIRO’s Digital Productivity and Health Flagships and led a research team within CSIRO’s Mathematics and Statistics Division, Andrew’s contributions were substantial. Most recently as CSIRO Senior Technical Advisor to Boeing where he successfully negotiated and executed a $25million/5 year strategic research alliance, in the process, identifying an opportunity for a new line of business for CSIRO in network enabled manufacturing. Prior to that, as Research Theme Leader for the Decision Technologies Theme, Andrew successfully led the first forays for CSIRO’s decision sciences into the business & government ‘services economy’ resulting in the $20 million/ 3 year Department of Human Services (Centrelink) contract and the $6 million/3 year CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster. In 2012 Andrew was corecipient of the CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for his role in the successful commercialisation and licensing of a new aerospace technology.

Prior to joining CSIRO Andrew held Group Executive Level Marketing roles with a number of Australia’s largest financial institutions, including ANZ. His passion for R&D driven innovation was reinforced early on as Communications and Policy advisor to Australia’s original applied R&D business, Invetech Vision Systems. During this time Andrew was active in re-focussing debate in Australian industry on R&D investment levels as a percentage of revenue turnover and encouraging increased expenditure on product and process innovation as a means of achieving business advantage.

Andrew attended the University of Melbourne, was a resident of Trinity College, and graduated with a BA (Hons). He earned his MBA from RMIT University’s Graduate School of Management. He holds a Diploma in Corporate Management from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators/Australian Graduate School of Management and is a 2013 graduate from the Boeing Executive leadership Program at the Boeing Leadership Centre in St Louis, Missouri.

Presentation Title: Harnessing Data to Support Regional Development: An Australian Case Study
Co-Author: John Barton, Urban Data and eResearch Officerat AURIN

Overview: As the environmental and demographic pressures are placed on our rural and regional communities, there is need for ambitious approaches to provide the right data and analytical tools to support smart regional growth and planning. This paper introduces the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network which is currently enabling a network of researchers, planners and policy-makers from across Australia in evidence-based decision making, via access to an online workbench of data and tools. The workbench comprises of almost 2,000 datasets, over 100 spatial statistical routines, and a select number of planning support systems and geodesign tools. We will outline the data and analytical capability the online workbench, introduce a couple of the PSS tools and spatial statistical capabilities through a case-study approach which can be applied to the Australian regional context. We also discuss the user outreach and capacity building capability program which is a critical component to assist with user adoption. We conclude with some thoughts and suggestions on how previously urban-focussed research programs can be re-prioritised to support excellent decision making in our peri-urban, regional and remote communities.

About the Conference
The Australian Regional Development Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., a non-Government ‘not-for-profit’ organisation. The 2015 theme is “Redefining the Future of Regional Australia”, it will explore the issues and opportunities facing Regional Australia today and into the future.

Concurrent streams will focus on the following topics:

  • Sustainability / Renewables
  • Population Movements
  • Community Development
  • Government Policy
  • Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural Tourism / Regional Tourism Development
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Transport and Logistics
  • NBN / Broadband Communication
  • Banking / Finance

To view and/or download the Australian Regional Development Conference program please click here.

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