Innovative regions identified in new Regional Australia Institute research

gippsland regionThere is no Victorian city is among the nation’s top 10 innovative regions.

The new list was published today by the Regional Australia Institute and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

The institute included business start-ups, research and the number of patents applied for in a municipality to rate the region’s innovation.

In Victoria, Indigo Shire came off best and West Wimmera Shire came off worst.

Indigo does well in the ranking with “presence of research organisations” with a national ranking of 14 and even has a few patents applied for.

West Wimmera has no patents and few business start-ups although the Edenhope-based council scored well in the natural resources section with the national ranking of 14 for agriculture.

The Gippsland region scored a four for its natural resources.

In the top 10 across the state were Surf Coast and Queenscliff for being in the top 10 innovative “connected lifestyle areas”.

The report is intended to move the “understanding of innovation beyond the traditional view of research and development”.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s regional and rural affairs strategist Lauren Andrews said the bank’s experience with regional people was that they had a strong track record of solving problems and finding new and better ways to do things.

The report has produced an interactive map to check the rankings of individual municipalities. To read more click here.

The 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference; Participation and Progress will be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016 to register for the conference CLICK HERE.

The conference explores opportunities for innovation in regional Australia. With its rich resources, diversity, and value, regional Australia is the catalyst for the future.

Addressing issues such as sustainable development, environmental sustainability, land use, community development, investment, agribusiness and innovation it is an opportunity not to be missed.

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  1. Excellent report on innovation. At last a group that recognises that innovation is not necessarily based on commercialising research or a high-tech application.

    Most innovation in Australia is based on someone seeing a different market niche and exploiting that. They may well use leading edge technology of use existing technology in new ways but the primary idea is a market gap.

    We need to assist regional businesses to look outside the square and look how they can grow and enter different markets and not reply of government infrastructure to boost their region.

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