Nicky Ison and Jarra Hicks and Renewable Energy Opportunities for Regional Australia

Nicky Ison

Ms Nicky Ison, Community Renewable Energy

The 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference Participation and Progress in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016 will include a presentation from Nicky Ison and Jarra Hicks on “Community Renewable Energy: Maximising the opportunities for regional Australia”.

Australia is in the midst of an energy transition: a shift from centralised fossil-fuels to decentralised renewable energy.  Australia has some of the best renewable energy resources in the world and if we are smart this can become part of our nations’ prosperity and sustainability. Many of our best renewable resources are located in regional Australia and as such represent a huge opportunity for regional communities to participate in and benefit from this transition. In their address, Jarra and Nicky will outline the economic, technical, social and policy drivers behind the rapid growth in renewable energy.

While there is no doubt that this clean energy transition will lead to more jobs for regional Australia, there are certain strategies and policies that can be put in place to maximise the benefits to regional economies and communities. Jarra and Nicky will talk through the specific opportunities of community energy and community-developer partnerships, highlighting case-studies such as Repower Shoalhaven, Denmark Community Windfarm and the Sapphire Wind Farm and outline how regional communities are leading the transition to clean energy.

Jarra Hicks cropped

Ms Jarra Hicks, Community Power Agency

In 2011, Nicky Ison and Jarra Hicks formed Community Power Agency to help grow a vibrant community energy sector in Australia.  Through Community Power Agency, they have worked with and visited over 50 community energy projects and organisations in Australia, Europe and North America.  Nicky and Jarra also help found the Coalition for Community Energy, which is working to address the barriers to the development of a wider Australian community energy sector.  Together they have been instrumental in the development of community energy policy in NSW, Victoria and federally.


The 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference; Participation and Progress will be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016 to register for the conference CLICK HERE.

Early bird closes on 25th July so be quick to receive a discounted rate.


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