Why do the regions matter to Australia?

The Australian Regional Development  Conference will be an opportunity for organisations to raise awareness of their initiatives, products and services for rural and regional Australia.

Why do the regions matter to Australia? 


  • 36% of Australian live in regional areas
  • 67% of the national economic assets and economically productive activity comes from Regional Australia
  • over 60% of exports come from regional Australia

This is the setting against which the Australian Regional Development Conference will consider the imperatives for economic and community development to build capacity for regional development.

What are the drivers of economic, social, cultural and environmental development of their regions.

The conference will focus on the regions in driving development, growth, productivity and innovation

Presented by the Association for Sustainability in Business the conference takes forward the discussion on regional Australia with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, regional and community engagement and research and innovation.

Why the regions matter

What are the geographic, environment, economic and community drivers in which the development of regional Australia influences national direction? 

Presentation will cover applied research, rural resilience, engaging with Regions, broader economic issues in building a stronger nation.

Who will be attending?

  • Federal and state representatives and politicians with responsibilities for regional Australia
  • Local government – community and economic development manager
  • Architects, planners, builders in the construction industry focusing on regional Australia
  • Local government representatives mayors and general managers
  • Special Interest Groups on regional development organisations 
  • Consultants with a regional focus, project managers
  • Chamber of Commerce representatives 
  • Agribusiness, rural industries, regional manufacturers organisations
  • Educational institutions and academics with a regional focus
  • Key decision makers in regional development
  • Corporate leaders interested in developing relationships in Regional Australia

Do you want to form strong relationships in regional Australia?

Your organisation may be interested in sponsoring this conference. In return, we can offer you such benefits as the following; naming rights, complimentary registration to the conference, exhibition display, acknowledgment on the conference website and  handbook and your company logo and link included in all email campaigns.

Visit the conference website www.regionaldevelopment.org.au or email the Conference Secretariat for more  at secretariat@regionaldevelopment.org.au

Regional Development Conference Albury Sponsors and Supporters
Regional Development Conference Albury Sponsors and Supporters
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