Peter Tesdorpf to present on the Victorian Regional Passenger Rail 2050 Strategy

Peter Tesdorpf, Principal at Peter Tesdorpf and Associates will present at the Australian Regional Development Conference will be held at the Commercial Club Albury on the 26– 27 August 2015.

Speaker Introduction: Peter Tesdorpf is a consultant in regional development, urban affairs planning and local government, with 40 years professional experience. He is a former Victorian President of the Planning Institute, a Committee Member of the Rail Futures Institute, played a key role in establishing several regional development organisations in Victoria and NSW and a former Director of a regional organisation of Councils.

Presentation Title: Victorian Regional Passenger Rail 2050: A strategy for growing Victoria’s regional passenger rail services and their role in the growth and sustainability of regional Victoria

Overview: The evolution of Victoria’s regional cities and towns has reached a turning point. Decades of minimal or negative growth have been reversed in recent years by significant population increases in many regional cities and towns, driven by (inter alia) unprecedented metropolitan growth, emerging preferences for alternatives to congested city life, rising capital city house prices, improved lifestyle, social and cultural amenities in regional cities; and improved road and rail links. Government investment over the last decade in Victorian regional passenger rail has been a not insignificant factor in the mix.

These trends are set to continue, driven by the momentum of “agglomeration and critical mass economics” and Government policy to divert some growth from Melbourne to surrounding towns and cities.

Of all Australian States, Victoria’s settlement pattern most closely resembles the “European Model” of a network of connected cities within reasonable distance of each other. It also has (despite shortcomings) the nation’s best regional rail passenger network providing a strong base for future improvement. Despite significant differences between Victoria and Europe, there is considerable potential to build on the State’s historical legacy and new-found growth momentum towards a sustainable, multi-city model of urban settlement.

Passenger rail can and should play a key role in managing and directing Victoria’s population growth: Faster and more frequent rail services between Melbourne and the regional cities would be the single most effective tool for redirecting growth to regional centres, reducing pressure on Melbourne’s outward growth, changing Victoria’s urban development patterns and creating new lifestyle and employment options through reduced travel times.

It is timely to firm up this vision, as the State Government begins community input into a “Regional Network Development Plan” blueprint for regional public transport services.

The presentation will develop a vision for regional passenger rail services to 2050 to serve and shape the future pattern of Victoria’s regional and urban development and develop an overarching strategy including travel demand scenarios, travel markets, proposed routes, services and frequencies, rolling stock and infrastructure requirements, revenue and cost recovery, institutional arrangements, funding models, coordination of transport and land use planning in regions; and broader economic, social and environmental considerations.

About the Conference

The Australian Regional Development Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., a non-Government ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

Themed Redefining the Future of Regional Australia,  the Conference will explore the issues and opportunities facing Regional Australia today and into the future.

To view and/or download the Conference program, please click here.  For information on registration or to book your delegate pass, visit the website here.

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