Country Newspapers for local content on Regional Development

Country newspapers have the highest level of local content of any medium – unmatched by radio and television. The high level of penetration to all segments, offers an uncluttered environment and makes them an ideal medium for your advertising campaign. According to the Victorian Country Press Association . Country papers are unique because unlike their metropolitan cousins they engage directly with their local communities making them the focal point when decisions are made. 

Country Newspapers

We welcome Country media and Newspapers at the Australian Regional Development Conference. The Conference will focus on the broad issues of economic, planning, environment and community development. The aim of the conference is to advance economic and social outcomes for regional Australia. The conference provides the opportunity to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of regional Australia

Australian Regional Development Conference will be held in Albury NSW on the 15 – 16 October 2014 at the Commercial Club

media passTo be considered for a complimentary press pass, please send a copy of your credentials to:   Conference Secretariat Ph: (61 7) 5502 2068

If you like reading about Country Newspapers see the article on Crickey A country practice: how bush newspapers might outsmart metros by Gabrielle Chan