Dr Robinson from CSIRO to present on ‘Assessing Indigenous co-benefits from payment for ecosystem service schemes’

Dr Cathy Robinson, Research Scientist at CSIRO to present at the Australian Regional Development Conference being held at the Commercial Club Albury on the 26– 27 August 2015.

The Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., a non-Government ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

Dr Catherine Robinson

Dr Catherine Robinson

Speaker Introduction: Dr Robinson leads a team of researchers in the CSIRO Land and Water Flagship. Her work is in the field of collaborative planning regimes with a focus on in the design of decision-support frameworks that are capable of translating scientific and Indigenous and local knowledge systems (ILKS) into environmental policy decision-making. Cathy has applied her science to understanding the barriers and opportunities facing Australia’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in their efforts to contribute to regional planning objectives and receive negotiated benefits from the delivery of natural resource management policies and programs.

Presentation Title:
Assessing Indigenous co-benefits from payment for ecosystem service schemes

Overview: This presentation draws on research conducted with Dr Glenn James and Dr Peter Whitehead (NAILSMA) and Aboriginal land managers across northern Australia to critically consider Aboriginal payments for ecosystem services and identify the most important challenges they face. We begin by sketching the historical context by which Aboriginal communities in Australia have sought to have their land and sea management knowledge and practices recognised and supported by environmental markets and programs. Recently this includes a concerted effort by Aboriginal communities to engage in payment for ecosystem service (PES) schemes. We draw on Aboriginal landscape burning practices and experiences to consider the possibilities for re-shaping the logic and assessment of PES negotiated with Aboriginal communities. This requires reconceptualising how payments are constructed to ensure that human and ecological rights are properly embedded each within the other, accounts for Aboriginal perspectives about how the complex relationship between Aboriginal benefits and PES goals can be assessed, and ensures PESs are appropriately integrated with existing Aboriginal land management activities and work

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Regional Innovation: Did you know?

Australia’s inventions include: the black box flight recorder; the bionic ear; high speed WiFi; the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine; the flu treatment drug Relenza; the pacemaker; the plastic disposable syringe: the dual-flush toilet; anti-counterfeiting technology for banknotes; and spray-on skin for burns victims (Read More about innovation)

The Australian Regional Development Conference will showcase Regional Innovation. It will be held in Albury NSW on the 15 – 16 October 2014 with a focus on the broad issues of economic, planning, environment and community development.

A keynote speaker at the conference will be Professor Y. Jay Guo who is the Research Director, Smart and Secure Infrastructure, Digital Productivity and Services National. Prof. Yingjie Jay Guo is an internationally recognised R&D leader with proven track record, a well established scientist with over 250 publications and expertise in antennas and wireless communications systems, and an innovator with strong industrial impact. He is the recipient of Australia Government Engineering Innovation Award (2012), Australia Engineering Excellence Award (2007) and CSIRO Chairman’s Medal (2007 & 2012).

The Regional Development Australia: Innovation Awards are being held in conjunction to the conference with an aim to recognise and showcase individuals and organisations in four categories: economic development, planning and building, environment and resilience and community development.

Call for papers – would you like to speak about innovation for Regional Australia?

Authors or organisations interested in submitting a paper or presenting a workshop are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words outlining the aims, contents and conclusions of their paper or presentation; or about their intended role in a workshop.

Australian Regional Development Conference

RDA Conference15-16 October 2014, The Commercial Club Albury Secretariat: (T) 61 7 5502 2068 (F) 07 5527 3298 Email: [email protected] URL: www.regionaldevelopment.org.au