Health, education and regional development top priority for Northern NSW

HEALTH, education and regional development should be the top three priorities of the new Federal Government, say respondents to a recent survey on The Northern Star’s website. Lismore Northern Star

The unscientific poll revealed a broadly pessimistic attitude about the future of the region under the new Coalition Government.

Half the respondents indicated they had voted for Labor in the recent election while almost 70% believed Tony Abbott was not an effective leader.

Six out of 10 people believed regional and rural areas would now be worse off, with 41% “very negative” about Australia’s future under the Coalition.

The environment would fare worse, said 67%, as too would health and education, said more than half.

Elsewhere in Northern NSW the picture was much the same, with 57% believing the regions would suffer under the Coalition, compared to just 27% who expected things to improve.

Almost half the online poll’s respondents were over 55 with just 13% under the age of 35. Almost 50% were in a full-time job or self-employed.

Hamish Broome,  20th Sep 2013,  Read More

Health, education and regional development will also be a top priority at the Australian Regional Development Conference, 15-16 October 2014, The Commercial Club Albury.

The conference theme is “Where to from here?” and will cover the broad areas of regional development, economic, planning, environment and community.

The conference will focus on the following themes: Environment/Sustainability; Planning/Building; Community Development; Economic Development; Infrastructure; Employment/Education; and Health Services.

Would you like to speak at the conference? Authors or organisations interested in submitting a paper or presenting a workshop are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words outlining the aims, contents and conclusions of their paper or presentation; or about their intended role in a workshop.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Program Committee. Presentations will be selected to provide a program that offers a comprehensive and diverse treatment of issues related to the conference theme. Authors will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of their abstract submission.

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