Richard Colbran to discuss community development and health

Community Development Richard Colbran

Richard Colbran will speak on how healthy, well country kids are a catalyst for strong communities

Community development: We are pleased to announce Mr Richard Colbran, Business Director, Royal Far West as a speaker, at the 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference; Participation and Progress which will be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016.

Richard Colbran will be speaking on ‘Healthy and well country kids – a catalyst for strong communities’ in the Community Development stream.

Healthy and well children and families are important to secure and sustain the next generation of regional Australia. However, families living in country Australia can face challenges in accessing services and good-quality infrastructure (AIFS, 2013). Rural communities are on average sicker, poorer and more disadvantaged compared to people in urban settings. They also have less access to health care (Wilson et al, 2009).

Children living in regional Australia have the right to receive the health and education services and support they need. This is essential so that they can develop well and participate fully in community life. Investment in country kids has exponential advantages to Australian society, delivering benefits and savings in health, education, justice and social welfare and enhancing human capital and productivity.

The presentation will provide examples of RFW approach: highlighting key steps in mobilising integrated funding partnerships, explaining how RFW is addressing the paediatric specialist and allied health workforce shortage and sharing RFW experiences of building service stream capacity to enhance health and community outcomes.

Rural Community Development – Richard Colbran

Richard Colbran is an experienced not-for-profit organisation manager in health and social services and is currently Business Director at Royal Far West – an independent, non-government charitable organisation which has been providing health services for rural and remote children across NSW since 1924.

An advocate for social leadership, Richard’s interests include discovery and innovation, building the capacity of individuals and organisations in order to create change for the community’s health, safety and wellbeing, and the commercialisation of services and products to support NGO sustainability.

Community development will be discussed at The 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference; Participation and Progress will be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016 to register for the conference CLICK HERE.

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The conference addresses issues such as sustainable development, environmental sustainability, land use, community development, investment, agribusiness and innovation.