Victoria shifts focus to regional areas with new tourism push as a 3 year plan

victorian countrysideVictoria has launched a $3m push to convince tourists to “Wander Victoria” in a campaign that focuses on the state’s 11 regions and aims to draw Melburnians and state-border dwellers to some of its undiscovered wonders.

The campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, has been three years in the making and plays to a state government plan to get locals to make the most of their own state and to get tens of thousands of new Victorian residents each year to spend more on the local tourism economy.

At the same time the campaign launch has be used as an opportunity to promote the new rebranded tourism body Visit Victoria, announced by the Victorian Government last year.

Clemenger’s campaign features a group of friends finishing lunch at a vineyard, with one of the group announcing “I think I’ll walk”.

In a rare move, rather than the state tourism marketing body taking full control of the campaign, all 11 of Victoria’s regional tourism bodies were engaged in the creation of the campaign to allow their unique needs to be heard and to also avoid the common criticism in tourism marketing at all levels that some had been left out – a particular challenge that Tourism Australia often faces. To view the article and campaign details click here.

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