Warwick Powell, Sister City Partners presents on Innovative Economic Institutions

Warwick Powell - photo

Warwick Powell, Founder and Chairman, Sister City Partners

Warwick Powell, Founder and Chairman, Sister City Partners will outline innovative economic institutions as a Keynote Speaker at the 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference Participation and Progress to be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016.

His presentation entitled “Moving beyond the Mendicant Economy Model: Innovating New Regional Economic Institutions and Architectures” proposes to frame the need for regional innovation against an analytics of ‘hollowing out’, in which regional Australia has for decades experienced a progressing dissipation of finance capital, energetic people and know-how.

The hollowing out of regional capital institutions over the past 35 years has exposed regional Australia increasingly to the vicissitudes of Government fiscal proclivities. This has created a development model that he has characterised as the ‘mendicant economy’. Powell proposes that this model is falling apart at the seams.

Warwick Powell is founder and chairman of Sister City Partners Ltd, a regional not-for-profit investment banking enterprise. He is a director of a number of companies in Australia and Hong Kong involved in investment banking, big data analytics, renewable energy and agribusiness services.

He is a recognised creative thinker in economic, social and enterprise development with 20 years’ experience in identifying and assessing social and economic impacts across a broad range of public policy propositions and development activities and initiatives. His expertise in this arena is reflected in being invited to deliver a complete 13-week course on ‘creativity, innovation and leadership in the 21st century’ for James Cook University’s MBA program.

The 3rd Australian Regional Development Conference; Participation and Progress will be held in Canberra on 5 – 6 September 2016 to register for the conference CLICK HERE.

Early bird closes on 25th July so be quick to receive a discounted rate.

The conference explores opportunities for innovation in regional Australia. With its rich resources, diversity, and value, regional Australia is the catalyst for the future.

Addressing issues such as sustainable development, environmental sustainability, land use, community development, investment, agribusiness and innovation it is an opportunity not to be missed.

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