Australian Regional Development

Transport Hubs for Australia:

Transport Hubs for Australia, the intermodal issues for road, rail, ports and airports represents a challenge and opportunity for regional Australia. An intermodal logistics hub can be an economic asset for a regional community when they become...

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Rural Awards: recognising contribution

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award recognises contribution to rural communities. NSW Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson today congratulated NSW’s Isobel Knight, a...

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Building resilient regional communities

What makes a resilient community?  Rural and Regional communities are incorporating resilience concepts into their management and planning. Building resilient communities has become the new catch cry – resilient communities depend on...

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Regional Innovation: Did you know?

Australia’s inventions include: the black box flight recorder; the bionic ear; high speed WiFi; the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine; the flu treatment drug Relenza; the pacemaker; the plastic disposable syringe: the dual-flush toilet...

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Community Engagement in Regional Communities

Community engagement can be difficult. Whether it is  information sharing, consultation or active participation in the decision making processes. Whether it is formal or informal community enagement. The aim is to improve the quality of decisions...

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Mining towns: what happens after the boom

What happens to towns and communities when mines close down. Australia has lots of old abandoned “ghost towns” that were once thriving mining towns.   The decline of mining towns has been addressed in a paper ” The shrinking...

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Creating Sustainable Rural Communities

Creating Sustainable Rural Communities is about building socially cohesive communities with sustainable economies that allow universal access to amenities and attract and retain skilled people, who equipped to contribute to future growth and...

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