Airofresh is an Australian manufactured, patented, invention, first conceived in 2013 and commercialized in 2015. Airofresh Pty Ltd started in local post harvest, South Australia. The enthusiasm of growers soon led to National distribution of the companies two main post harvest products. The AF4000 being suitable for 1000 cubic meters of storage whilst the AF1000 services 250 cubic meters.

The heart of the Airofresh is a double patented/trademarked highly intense oxidation module driven by light. Combined light frequencies, specialized coatings and internal processes, destroy all airborne contaminants. This technology is suitable for ambient and cold storages, safe rooms and controlling biological risks in commercial environments. Considerably extends shelf life without chemicals. Airofresh is now sold nationally and many overseas countries including UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Israel, Belgium and the Netherlands.

For post harvest the unique ability of Airofresh considerably extending shelf life whilst destroying fungus, mould, virus, bacteria, ethylene gas and higher stored produce weight retention is very attractive. Much less cost and labour for producers, huge reduction in chemicals with more profit at the end of the day.

Much appreciated Winner of two awards late in 2016 for;

“Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Victoria

“Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Western Australia

This was followed up as National winner of the Australian Regional Development 2017 Environment and Sustainability Award in September 2017. Airofresh was represented by researcher Dr Nigel Barrett (ex-Lion Co) who holds his qualifications in Food Science.

Local and international trials and evaluations cemented the Airofresh global presence. Airofresh CEO Clinton Ribbon says,  “helping produce storages  reduce costs, increase profitability whilst limiting chemical inputs helps clients maximise produce quality, considerably extend shelf life and boost grower profits. Many growers start off cautiously due to old chemical habits but soon realise this proven technology is not about organics or otherwise. It is about common sense and technology advances leading to lowering costs and higher profitability. It is a game changer without chemicals that supermarkets need to come to terms with”. The environmental benefits of Airofresh are a bonus for generations that follow. Each AF1000 as a side effect by cleaning over 1 million cubic meters of atmosphere each year.

Have been requested by Wageningen University Postharvest Research (WUR) Netherlands for Airofresh evaluation units in addition to Airofresh successful evaluations with Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology (VCBT) Belgium is another good step forward. On top of our successful evaluations with LaTrobe University, Lion Co labs in Tasmania and Airofresh researchers the technical journey continues.

Airofresh has been very fortunate to secure a presentation opportunity to the very prestigious, Association Pink Lady Europe (APLE) conference at Toulouse, France on 12 December. Airofresh will be represented by our Belgium distributor Roger Van Engelgem and our Western Australian agronomist Des Muir.

Markets growing this month with new sales to Toetenel Ludo en Bert (Belgium), Adrian Scripps (UK), Font Badia  S.L (Spain) .Fruvo BV (Netherlands) and the large Agricultural Co-Op Cofruid’OC in France

In October 2017 – scheduled for presentation booths at the Wandin Field days (Vic) and Karragullen field days (WA), providing our Dr Sean Alexander and agronomist Des Muir for the NASAA conference (2017 Into Organics)

Airofresh has globally proven itself as the present world leader with a unique technology in post harvest storages providing 75% extension of stored produce shelf life without chemicals.

Find out more about Airofresh here.