Attend this year’s Australian Regional Development Conference and network with a variety of regional and rural business industry experts.

Mr Tim Smith, Urban Planner at JBA will be at this year’s Conference, discussing “Is the last plane out of Sydney almost gone? Aviation and regional development in New South Wales”.

Aviation and Regional Development in New South Wales

Tim Smith

Capital city connections to regional and remote areas of New South Wales provide accessibility to countless services and facilitate connections between producers and global markets. However, regulatory and market driven factors have led to a recent destabilisaiton of the regional aviation scene, contributing to the termination of some long established routes and a lack of confidence in route profitability by carriers. This has in turn had a perceived impact on economic certainty and local quality of life in some of Australia’s most vulnerable areas.

This presentation demonstrates the connection between intrastate Regular Public Transport air services, and the economic and social performance of regional centres. This work included a review of impact of transport in regional areas and the planning significance of such connectivity, as well as a review of the current economic environment and the application of government policies across regional NSW. A quantitative analysis of relationships between passenger flows and regional economic indicators is reported with a range of interviews informing the findings.

Ultimately, for the continued wellbeing of regional New South Wales, increased political and systemic recognition of the varied benefits of aviation services is essential in order to avoid continued service decline, market failure and regional disinvestment.

The 2017 Australian Regional Development Conference will focus on issues surrounding economic planning, environment and community development while considering the “State of the Regions Report” which called for support of regional economic development through diverse infrastructure investments determined by regional priorities in partnership with local government. 

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