Secure your spot at the 4th Australian Regional Development Conference and network with industry professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of Regional Australia.

Ms Maxine Loynd, Director – Regional Development Policy at Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will be attending this year’s conference, where she will present the “CSIRO regional strategic foresight project”.

maxine loynd - Strategic Foresight project for regional Australia

Maxine Loynd

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development recently collaborated with the CSIRO on a Strategic Foresight project for regional Australia. The project developed a framework for understanding the inter-generational trends to develop potential future scenarios for regional Australia. These scenarios are enabling consideration of what it will be like to live, work and invest in regional Australia in 30 years. The scenarios are being used by the Department to inform regional development policy and investment decisions. The involvement of both subject matter experts and regional thought leaders was key to the project’s success.

A wide range of regional development stakeholders from academia, the community, industry and across all levels of government was consulted during the course of the project. includes infrastructure investment, employment, education, health and private investment.

The scenarios were informed by the following five megatrends: connectivity improvements in both physical and telecommunications infrastructure; the growing significance of the Asia-Pacific region; population growth and economic activity being drawn away by larger centres and high amenity areas from smaller towns; value generation through knowledge, innovation and new services in the economy; and the environment as a source of both risk and livelihood to regional communities and businesses. These megatrends were identified through analysis of issues related to social, economic, institutional, environmental and technological change.

Most regional policy encompasses cross-cutting issues such as health, education, communications and immigration. Accordingly, the final report is being used to influence a range of policy development not only in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, but also more broadly across policy areas which have a regional dimension. These include industry, education, health and immigration. The report is also of key relevance to industry and business and they consider future investment and development opportunities in regional Australia.

The 2017 Australian Regional Development Conference will focus on issues surrounding the Economy, Planning, Environment and Community Development while considering the “State of the Regions Report” which called for support of regional economic development through diverse infrastructure investments determined by regional priorities in partnership with Local Government. 

There will be an extensive range of topics with over 50 Featured and Expert Presenters, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies, Workshops and Poster Presentations.

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