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Miss Kelly Wright, Founder of Deciding to Make a Difference will be speaking at this year’s Conference on the topic of “Supporting remote Aboriginal communities to build culturally focused sustainable housing solutions.”

What if you could take the problem of plastic pollution and use it to solve the housing shortage in remote Aboriginal communities? Kelly Wright is not only proposing, but implementing this very notion.Deciding to Make a Difference - Supporting remote Aboriginal communities to build culturally focused sustainable housing solutions.

Working with one of Australia’s leading sustainability architects Ken McBryde and the with the express approval from the Elders of Jilkminggan was key to this. With direct dialogue with the ladies of the community to establish what they want and need was one of the fundamental differences in the DTMAD project. Implementing the Nev House technology, our team have designed a culturally suitable, sustainable housing solution that the community have ultimately been involved with throughout. As part of this program Yulang Aboriginal training and educational unit are going to tailor a course enabling this ‘Sustainable Community Development’ model.

Local labour is employed, with on the job training to create a sense of ownership and pride. It is an effective model for land and family with houses designed with sustainably sourced timber and steel framework using recycled plastic panels of a total of 3 ton of plastic waste in every home. Teaching and construction training we feel will maintain and grow the community organically as a productive and innovative method of building in remote Aboriginal communities.

These off grid, modular, sustainable, category 5 cyclone proof homes have the ability and diversity to meet the needs of growing families that will, be easily expanded, maintained and developed to meet the needs that will reflect each respective family involved. This project is scalable and a capable solution to end 3rd world living in a 1st world country.

Will you decide to make a difference?

The 2017 Conference will focus on issues surrounding the Economy, Planning, Environment and Community Development while considering the “State of the Regions Report” which called for support of regional economic development through diverse infrastructure investments determined by regional priorities in partnership with Local Government. 

There will be an extensive range of topics with over 50 Featured and Expert Presenters, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies, Workshops and Poster Presentations.

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