The head of a rural employment agency says the demand for jobs in the livestock industry has increased dramatically, and is the busiest he has ever seen it.

According to Dugald Storie from Bush Recruitment, the increase is partly due to high cattle prices, as many stations are expanding and investing in the property, meaning they need more employees.

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Mr Storie said as stations approached their second round of mustering it had also become busier.

“It’s been full on for the first part because they’ve been held up by the wet weather and so forth, so people are starting to look now for more experienced station hands to kick off for the second round of mustering,” he said.

He said the increase in popularity for station work grew as the market got confidence back.

“I think that there’s probably been a misconception in the past, probably due to the drought and the closure of the live export trade. I think now that the industry has found its feet, it has caught people unaware,” he said.

“Things in the beef industry are looking very strong, and looking very strong for the next few years.

“People are jumping on the wagon and they’re realising that there is a very real career in the rural industry.”

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