SA cattle to be fed 2kg of chocolate and lollies to give flavour to their meat

When it comes to a diet to end all diets, try this on for size — add to your daily food intake 2kg of chocolate and lollies.

The only problem is, it’s not recommended for humans.

The sweet supplement regimen, however, has become a key component to give Millicent-based Mayura Station’s full-blood Wagyu beef cattle that little something special in the fine flavour department.

Tasty: Scott de Bruin feeds his Wagyu beef cattle sweets at Mayura Station, near Millicent. Picture: Naomi Jellicoe

The unusual diet addition is part of a holistic feeding regimen developed by Mayura Station’s Scott de Bruin that has resulted in his cattle winning multiple national beef industry awards as well as pleasing tastebuds here and internationally.

Each cow receives a specially formulated, flavour-enhancing ration that includes 2kg daily of Cadbury milk chocolate and Allen’s lollies, as well as a few special herbs and spices.

The ration is part of a wider program including six months as calves, freely roaming with their mother, feeding on grass and milk, followed by a mix of grass and grain, then more specialised rations to promote slow growth and marbling before the sweets are introduced.

Originally Published by The Weekly Times

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